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Baby Girl Romper Heart Sweater Long Sleeve knit Warm Spring 100% Cotton kids Dressy Romper valentines Jumpsuit


Listing does not include props or toys. What size should I order?
Current batch runs True to Size -Slightly on the larger side.
Nb - newborn sizes will fit best on baby 1-3 weeks or 7.5-9.5ozs
0-3m fits best for babies 1.5 -3 months and so on..

100% Cotton Knit Baby Romper Jumpsuit

A little bit about our Valentines Knit Rompers:
These Knit Rompers are made in partnership by my friend Liang!
Liang lives in a tiny studio apartment in the large city of Guangzhou.
Liang is deaf in both ears and has overcome many challenges growing up.
Although life hasn't been easy for Liang, she found a place for herself and
supports herself through her hobbies and new technologies that help her
communicate and understand without hearing. Your purchase of this romper
in our small family owned boutique helps us and our friend Liang!
Thank you for your support!!


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